Students will work in four groups. Each group selects one another leader, who will oversee the work of the group and transmit the work done to the teacher. Each created group chooses one of the topics:

1. Prepare a power point presentation about "Eagle Nests excursion to" prepare a map of the route      and, describe somethig about all the castles on the walk or bike trail.

2. Before you big challenge. Your task will be to:
    - Find the legend refer to the Wieliczka Salt Mine
    - Collect information about historical figures related to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka
    - Gather basic information about the salt mine
   Based on the information gathered to write a guide to the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

3. Find on the map three churches from The Wooden Architecture Route in Malopolska. wchich are on the World Horigate List UNESCO and they were built in 15 century, and then make a poster with them, where they will be a short descriptions and drawings of the churches.

4. Mark on the map Tatr the following objects:

·                     Morskie oko 1

·                     Rysy 2

·                     Kasprowy Wierch 3

·                     Tatrzański  national park 4

·                     Lake Zielony Staw 5

·                     Lake Wielki Staw 6

·                     Cave Smocza Jama 7

·                     Cave Mroźna 8

·                     Valley Chochołowska 9

·                     Giewont 10

·                     Świnica 11

·                     Kozi Wierch 12

·                     PTTK Mountain Shelter in the Valley of the Five Lakes Polish 13

·                     Hostels PTTK "Morskie oko" 14

·                     Lake " Smreczyński Staw" 15

·                     Lake "Przedni Staw" 16

·                     Lake "Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy " 17

·                     Kościelec 18

·                     Krzesanica 19

·                     Valley Litworowa  20


Given map should be copied and marked on the stated objects. 



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